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Are you revamping your garden or landscaping the whole yard? Using the wrong materials can wash away all your efforts with a good rain, or your plants and flowers could fail to flourish due to lack of nutrients. Knowing the differences between garden soil and topsoil is an important detail when it comes to growth and the beauty of your garden. Today we are talking a little about topsoil.

Topsoil has varying amounts of decomposed plants, called organic matter. It's one of the components that gives topsoil proper drainage and its loose, easy to till qualities. This provides a nutrient rich environment in which growing plants thrive. Topsoil is ideal for general-purpose gardening and when mixed with Compost Based Soil amenders or Garden Soils aid in the overall health of plants, flowers, shrubs and trees. Topsoil is not recommended to be used in containers, garden soils is best for that.

Landscapers hired by construction companies use topsoil for large surfaces, for grading, for failing grass and/or leveling out existing lawns by blending into the grass by raking, evening out lawns in preparation for seeding. 

Dalton Trucking has a variety of soils to be used for landscapers or home do-it-yourself gardening projects. We deliver right to your home or business. If you have any questions for us, please call our Office.

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After 30 rewarding years as a family run business, we have lost our location because of the Port of Vancouver expansion and being unable to renew our lease.

The legacy of Dalton Trucking will continue with Dennis and his sons with a strong presence in the trucking field, aggregate and all soil deliveries.

“We could not have achieved the success we have enjoyed over the years without our friendly and knowledgeable staff, our friends in the community and you, our valued new and long-time customers.”

As part of Dalton Trucking’s future, we have stepped up our online presence with a new website which is evolving into an informative and customer friendly experience. In our new Blog, we will be featuring do-it-yourself project for homeowners and hobbyists. Informative products and services articles for Landscapers and Contractors. The website will have a sign-up Newsletter options for occasional business updates and for those social media buffs a link to our new Facebook page, which we welcome you to follow! Become part of the Dalton family.

“We owe are success to all our loyal customers and knowledgeable staff. This move is a step towards a great future where we will continue providing superior service at competitive pricing. Dalton Trucking’s Crew look forward to serving you!

All the Best and again Thank You!
Dennis and “The Crew”

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